Antonio Lyons:. We Dance We Pray [Album Review]

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Antonio Lyons is already a familiar face to most and many will recognise him from the slew of television/movie work he has done in his time, and if you are into your house music you have probably heard him on a number of tracks.
2011 sees the man return to the music side of the business with the release of his second album We Dance We Pray. If you are familiar with his previous musical work, you’d kind of have an idea of what to expect from the project, but it’s not a project that is simple to box into one genre.

Ranging from a number of influences like soul, funk, gospel, dance with some jazz elements and deep afro chants, you’d think mixing all these aspects into one whole would be a mess, but We Dance We Pray comes together and flows effortlessly from track to track – and being self-produced it makes it that much more impressive.

We’ve come to know the spoken word that comes with a Lyons track and if you think back to songs like Saturday Night and Body Poetry, those are the best tracks I can think of to detail this album. The story telling element takes a firmer grasp without being to forward, and just to let everything sink in there is a nice break in the album on track 6 – Slide, which leads into probably my favourite track of the album Soul Musiq ft Ms. Gisele Jackson.

Other tracks off of the album are already starting to circulate the net and house DJ’s sets. We Dance We Pray ft Phoenix Kayode is one of those tracks that is already starting to gain traction among house cats, and the track Suga Foot (Rocco Deep Mix) isn’t doing too badly either.

There are also some interesting collaborations on the album like RJ Benjamin, Nkoto Malebye of Kwani Experience as well as poet Lebo Mashile.
We Dance We Pray is one of the most interesting and intricate albums I have heard this year, so if you want to hear something original and interesting, I’d highly suggest that you check the album out.

Check out the video for the single We Dance We Pray below, as well as the entire album:.

We Dance We Pray by AntonioLyons


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